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Thinkcar ThinkTool, Bi-Directional,Full System Diagnostic Scanner, Key Program, ECU Coding


THINKTOOL is a new generation modular intelligent diagnostic equipment based on Android 10 system developed by THINKCAR. Featured with our unique modular design, THINKTOOL can be widely applied various scenarios. The functional modules for THINKTOOL includes printer, videoscope, worklight, battery tester, thermal imager, oscilloscope, module dock, wireless TPMS diagnostic module. THINKTOOL integrates 28 commonly used maintenance and reset service functions, with the additional wireless TPMS diagnostic tool, you are able to perform TPMS diagnostic function. THINKTOOL is a highly cost-effective solution for automotive diagnostics.





Advanced ECU Coding: ThinkTool PD8 scanner allows the coding of the ECU itself, making it a more useful option for professional garages. You can reprogram the vehicle with the latest OEM calibration files to diagnose and repair car problems. ECU Coding involves changing a vehicle's settings (parameters) through deep access to the engine control unit. You can tune, remap, or code a module to perform differently from its specifications.


Bi-directional Control - Actuation Test: An actuation test is where you use the tool to tell the PCM to command an actuator to perform a function. Some tests this tablet scan tool can perform are turning the fuel pump on and off, cycling the A/C clutch on and off, and even helping with an emissions leak test. With a bidirectional control function, you can perform tests and solve problems happening within your vehicle's diagnosis system.


Diagnostic function: Coverage more than 100 car brands, support intelligent diagnosis and traditional

diagnosis, including OBD II full-function diagnosis, full-system diagnosis including: read fault code, clear fault code, read real-time data stream, special function, actuation test. A diagnosis report can be generated after the diagnosis. Intelligent Diagnosis Connect the vehicle first, click “Intelligent Diagnosis”on the main interface, the tool will start the smart diagnosis program and automatically read the vehicle VIN.

If the device failed to access the VIN information, please use “Local Diagnosis”

Local Diagnosis In this mode, user can manually select vehicle models and systems for diagnosis


28 maintenance and reset: Oil Reset, Elec. Throttle Adaption, Steering Angle Reset, Battery Matching, ABS Bleeding, Break-pad Reset, DPF Regeneration, Gear Learning, IMMO Service, Injector Coding , TPMS Reset, Suspension Matching, AFS Reset , A/T Learning, Sunroof Initialization, EGR Adaption, ODO Reset, Airbag Reset, Transport Mode, A/F Reset, Stop/Start Reset, NOx Sensor Reset , AdBlue Reset (Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Filter) Seat Calibration, Coolant Bleeding, Tyre Reset, Windows Calibration,Language Change

It can also relearn and match modules. Whether you're replacing the TPMS, transmission, battery, or what have you, you can relearn the new component with the ECU.


All System Topology Diagnosis: With professional-level topology diagram diagnostics, you can see the conditions of all systems at a glance in a diagram. The car code reader can tell you what is wrong with the Engine, Body, Powertrain, Chassis. PD8 car scanner is equipped with the 4 quad-core processor 1.8HGz that offers a fast operation speed and diagnosis. 8-inch color touch screen and the Android 10.0 operating system allow you to multitask and perform different functions at the same time.


WiFi Free Update: ThinkTool PD8 OBD2 scanner is adaptable to more than 122 different US, Asian and European-made vehicles from 1996 to 2021 such as VW, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, and others. Please Note: Not all features work for all vehicles. If your not sure your device is covered, check with the thinkcar team before purchase.


Product Specs:

Android 10.0

Memory: 2G

Storage: 32G

Battery: 6000mAh/7.6V

Screen: 8 inches

Camera: Rear camera 8.0MP

Network: Wi-Fi, WLAN 802.11b/g/n

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Working Temperature: 32°F~122°F(0°C ~ 50°C)

Storage Temperature: -4°F~140°F(-20°C ~ 60°C)

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